Corey Schmitt

Corey began his acting career in a class very similar to the ones that happen at Arts Umbrella! At the age of 6, he started acting classes at a local community centre and he loved it so much that he has never stopped acting. Corey’s love for acting has taken him all around the United States and Canada touring fringe shows that he helped to write, produce and direct. It also took him to England where he went to school to be trained in Shakespearean theatre, after attending university in his home town of Edmonton.

Although he loved singing and dancing very much, he was always very passionate about movies, so he went to Vancouver Film School to finish up his post-secondary training and pursue his dream of making films. Since graduating, Corey has been cast in two feature films (The Girl in the Photographs, Come and Find Me) and four television shows (Once Upon a Time, Aftermath, Loudermilk, Supernatural) and he hopes to continue to act in film and tv for the rest of his life! In his spare time, Corey runs a theatre company with his colleagues from theatre school, writes and develops sketch comedy, and performs in improv shows at Instant Theatre.