Art is powerful. And its power changes the lives of kids in incredible ways. When a young person connects with the arts—their art—they find not just a capacity for appreciation, but personal expression and discipline they carry with them for life.

Donors and volunteers are absolutely essential to our success. You are incredible and inspiring people who share of your time and means to make a difference in the lives of thousands of children and youth, year after year. You inspire us as much as the children do.

For many children, Arts Umbrella is their first experience with the world of art, but it’s one they know intuitively and well. Every child knows fun, and loves the magic of creating, and those are the foundations of art.

Our professional instructors nurture what is intuitive to children, boosting their belief in themselves and harnessing their vision. They learn discipline, teamwork, and social skills they will retain for life. And also they learn the joy of expression and creation. They never forget the things they learn here, and we never forget the people who helped make it possible.