Built by our Community

We are incredibly grateful to our many government, corporate, foundation, individual, and community supporters who so generously provide funding to allow Arts Umbrella to pursue its mission. With your support, Arts Umbrella reaches thousands of young people every year, inspiring creativity in the next generation — in Art & Design, Dance, Theatre, Music & Film, or wherever life takes them.

Finances should never prevent a child from participating in the arts. As a non-profit organization, Arts Umbrella is committed to making our programming accessible to as many children and youth in our communities as possible. With your support, we can provide families access to our tuition-based programs at a reduced rate and offer free donor-funded programs in the community.

From all of us at Arts Umbrella, thank you.


$100,000 and above

Jeff Mooney and Suzanne Bolton


Dave and Pamela Richardson


Anonymous (2)
John and Nina Cassils
Tom Ferries and Lisa Pankratz
Geyer Family
Elmar and Christine Klukas
Dr. Francis Law and Priscilla Lam
Lesley Stowe and Geoffrey Scott
Terrence and Lisa Turner
Cathy Zuo


Anonymous (2)
Stephanie Carlson
Christie and David Garofalo
Robert Lemon, in memory of Robert M. Ledingham
Marily Mearns
Darrell and David Mindell
Thomas O’Shaughnessy and Omar Dallal
Jessica Taylor and Hanif Mamdani
Bruce Munro Wright


Chris Archbold
John Bunting and Sara Dubois-Phillips
Kimberly Cudney and H. Fraser Phillips
Joanna and John Fleischmann
Arlene Gladstone
Artemis Gordon
Thoren Hudyma
Aloha C. Johnson
Paul Larocque
Carol Mayer
Michelle and Alvin Martin
Jeff Merrick
Kirsten and Lou Mihailides
Heather Owen and William Gibson
Lucille and Russ Pacey
Jill and Hart Price
Jennifer Podmore Russell
Dermot Strong
Sarah Vollett
Warren, Twyla and Jessica Wall
Eric Watt


Anonymous (10)
Timothy Agg
Sandy Aird
Tim Alexander
Loreli Alviz Tomic
Eve Aymong
Quinn and Vivian Bailey-Ellingford
Michael Bain
Charma Belnavis
Kathryn Bennett
Julie Blanchard
Tanya Bone
Lisa Bower
Naoe Boyden
Eric Bridgwater
Heather Buchanan
Beatriz Burke
Thomas Burke
Carol L. Carr
Vivian Castillo
Pamela Cavaliere
Heidi Cave
Celia Chan
Yiwen Chen
Ryan Chew
Amy Claxton
Theresa Corpus
Annissa Crespeigne
Dieke De Gendt
Tessa De Roy
Fleur De Schepper
Julie Deng
Jewel Deory
Anna DeRoy
Linda Desormeaux
Nadia Doucet
Laura Douglas
Susanne Duska
Melisa Dzamastagic
Sandra Eix
Desiree Ellis
Mark English
Susan Evans
Jonathan Ferrabee
Kristy Finley
Phyllis M. Firth
Jennifer Fisher
Lucy Fletcher
Margaret Forsberg
Pam Fretz
Patti Gies
Linda Greub
Jennica Harper
Elizabeth Hart
Rob Haynes
Gar Haywood
Miao He
Tiffany Henderson
Craig Hewson

$100-$999 (cont)

Nancy Hill
Katarina Hodak
Nicky Hood
Nancy Hoopman
Richard E. Hulbert
Leslie Hurtig
Beverley A. Hyde
Geoff Hyde
David Inguanez
Jennifer Jack
Patricia Jakoy
Karen James
Marnie Jarvis
Kirsten Jensen
Kaye Jeske
Yiheng Jiang
Natalie Kardum and Chad Purdy
Jeff Keeble
Patricia Kelly
Carli Kennedy
Hiroe Kimura
Susan Kindersley
Alison King
Dean Kuusela
Stephanie Denny Lang
Alan Le Couteur
Steven and Sandi Lee
Erica Levy
Michelle Levy
Charlotte Li
Tiina Liimu
Tsun Kit Lo
Nicola Lubitsch
Jennifer J. Lum
Olivia Lum
Carolyn Mackenzie
Sergei Makarenko
Sophia Makarenko
Greg Martin
Hope Martin
Judy Martin
Julie Martz
Leslie McAfee
Trevor J. McLain
Wilson B. McLean
Marcia McNeil
Murray McWhinney
Leigh-Anne Mercier
Franklyn T. Monks
Patricia Mortenson
Maggie Murch
Shirley Nakata
Megan Neilans
Elizabeth Noble
Sharon Noesgaard
Amy O’Brian
Connie O’Connor
Mark Paetkau
Sabra Perry
Elizabeth Petersen
Carmen Pickering
Sarah Pike
Andrea Potter
Eric Promislow
Ann Quan
Robyn Rankin
Corene Rathgeber
Catherine Ratzlaff
Miranda Reece
Alana Rentz
Helen Ribeiro
Megan Richards
Pamela Robinson
Sarah Robinson
Van Rogan
Federico Samson
Irvin Samson
Alexandra Schaefer
Alistair Scott
Patrick Scott
Linda Shannon
Marilyn Shinyei
Sunna Sigurdardottir
Triana Silton
Gillian Simonetti
Kay Simpson
Gregory Sivucha
Tony, Michelle and Tyler Snell
Diana Stapleton
Gijs Stenger
Rimjhim Stephens
Yasmeen Strang
Dan Su
Catherine Sully
Katherine, Diana, Jody, Bobby, Kate, Cynthia Sutherland
Victoria Sutherland
Zara Thomas
Anja Tillmanns
Melody Tillmanns
Yuha Tomita
Isabel Trigger
Yuki Tsurumi
David Van Wolde
Matthias Vaucher
Athena Vouloumanos
Zohreh Waibel
Tina Wang
Paula White
James Willock
Elizabeth Witten
May Wong
Rachel Woods
Ann Wreford
Lin Xu
Isabella Zeng
Johnson Zhong


$100,000 and above

We acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia



Supported by the Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund and Vancouver Foundation.



City of Surrey


Vancouver Logo

Consulate General of France


$50,000 and above


The Christopher Foundation
Nicola Family Foundation

West Coast Reduction Limited logo


First West Foundation, Envision Community Endowment

The Highbury Foundation
Joseph Stauffer Trust
Pitblado Family Foundation


Andrew Mahon Foundation
Bob and Judy Hager Family Fund
Deux Mille Foundation
Djavad Mowafaghian Foundation
Edith Lando Charitable Foundation
Lagniappe Foundation
The Rix Family Foundation


Al Roadburg Foundation
The Greygates Foundation
The Hylcan Foundation
Lohn Foundation
Pearley and Norine Brissenden Fund
Surrey Fire Fighters Charitable Society


$75,000 and above

Nicola Wealth


Shaw Logo



Gift in Kind


CBC Vancouver
Gray Line Westcoast Sightseeing
HFA – Custom Art Services
image this photographics inc.
Vancouver Magazine



* This list reflects our 2020/21 supporters. Every effort has been made to ensure this list is complete and accurate. If you notice an error or omission, please accept our apologies and contact us at 604-681-5268, so that we can make the correction.