Sarah Wolfman-Robichaud

Sarah enjoys instructing in the Arts Umbrella Musical Theatre and Theatre studio when not wearing her Manager, Program Operations hat. She holds a BA in Art History/Theatre from Oberlin College, Ohio, an MA in Language and Literacy Education (with a focus on Arts Education), and a BEd from UBC. Sarah has worked as a Visiting Artist on multiple SSHRC grants to bring theatre education into the classroom; offered several workshops/lectures at UBC in Image Theatre (a form of Theatre of the Oppressed); presented at numerous education conferences on the benefits of theatre for social justice and in the classroom; and performs locally (when she can) in favourite roles such as The Witch in Into the Woods, Drood in The Mystery of Edwin Drood (CTC nomination), Peter in Peter Pan, and Sara Jane Moore in Assassins, among others.

Sarah has happily worked at Arts Umbrella since 2009, starting first as a volunteer, then moving to the studio to instruct, then to Volunteer Coordinator, and finally Manager, Program Operations since 2011. In between playing with dinosaurs and trains, she can be seen with her son in Parent & Me Creative Dance and Visual Arts classes, and thoroughly enjoys being on the parent side of the Arts Umbrella magic.