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About the Program

The Pre-Professional Theatre Program is designed for teens who are considering theatre and the performing arts as a career path. Our rich curriculum and program structure offers aspiring actors and directors a space in which to sharpen their skills through vocal, movement, and theatre exercises that help develop teamwork, cooperation, discipline, technique, creative expression, and individual artistry.

Industry professionals lead students to explore their full artistic potential, whatever the venue. Many of our students have gone on to post-secondary theatre programs as well as professional acting careers across the continent.


Our next auditions will be held on June 19, 2021. The health of our students, staff, and families is our top priority. Due to COVID-19, all auditions for our Pre-Professional Theatre Programs will be over Zoom.

Admission to the Pre-Professional Theatre Program is by audition only. Participants will be placed according to age, experience, skill, schedule, and goals.​



Pre-Professional Troupes and Programs

Junior Theatre Troupe

Ages 13-16
Put your talent on stage! Students develop on- and off-stage skills, as well as the cooperative team spirit needed to produce and perform a play. We hone performance skills and experiment with staging elements such as lighting, sound, and set design. Troupes dedicate the Fall Session to intensive training in movement, voice, improvisation, scene studies, and script work to encourage a sense of ensemble.

Director: Susanne Moniz de Sá

Labratory Theatre Troupe

Ages 13-19
Turn a blank page into an original script. Teens experiment with like-minded theatre students to create, produce, and perform an original theatre piece. Similar to the work done in other Pre-professional Troupes, Students will gain a deeper understanding of the actor’s process, with a greater emphasis on creating original work and sharing knowledge.

Director: Laura McLean

Musical Theatre Troupe

Ages 13-19
Young performers train with professional musical theatre artists to gain valuable ensemble and solo performance experience and enhance the special connection between performers and audiences. Actors can expect to expand their audition repertoire, develop their voice, and learn advanced singing, dancing, and acting techniques.

Directors: Andy Toth & Erika Babins

Senior Theatre Troupe

Ages 15-19
Launch your acting career with intensive voice training, fine-tuned movement technique, non-verbal exercises, and professional rehearsal methods. This year-long program develops the actor’s process and stretches your abilities in finding voice and emotional connection. Troupe members will also hone their performance techniques and develop their production skills, including elements such as lighting, sound, costume, and set design. The Fall Session is dedicated to intensive training that develops strong rehearsal techniques and encourages a sense of ensemble.

Director: Paul Moniz de Sá

*NEW* The Actor’s Film Troupe

Take a deep breath and dive into the Art of Acting for Film in our latest offering from the Pre-Professional Acting Program. There is so much that goes into creating a great film; from sound, lights, and cinematography, to casting, acting, and directing. Understanding how all of these art forms work together, each adding its own artistic expression to a film, is key to becoming a great actor. Expand your awareness of the different aspects of movie making. Gain tools to help you be in the moment, find honesty in your work, and hone your artistry as a film actor. Work with other dedicated young actors and industry professionals to create short films to be shared with audiences throughout the year.

Director: TBC

Projects & Performances


An audio play written and performed by the students of the 2019/20 Laboratory Troupe.

It centres on a group of high school students producing a 1940s murder mystery play when everything goes wrong during their dress rehearsal. The captain of the football team and member of the cast is murdered… and everyone is a suspect.

A comedic tale of ambition, friendship, and betrayal in which students must work together to solve the case.

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