Student Services

Financial Assistance

Arts Umbrella is committed to making the arts as readily accessible to as many students as possible. A bursary fund is designed to assist families overcome financial barriers to providing arts education to students. Based on financial need, Arts Umbrella bursaries allow students to register in programs at a reduced rate.

VCC Financial Aid information is available here:


Arts Umbrella does not provide student housing and housing is the responsibility of the student.

Students are welcome to contact Home Sweet Homestay or a similar agency if they are interested in homestay options.  Alternatively, we can provide information on renting in Vancouver.

Please contact for more information.

Transit/Compass Card

All VCC students are eligible for the Translink Compass Card which provides unlimited public transit within Vancouver for just $152 per term. More information here:–compass-card/compass-card/

Health and Dental Plan

VCC provides health and dental plans to all students. More information here:

Other Services

VCC provides a variety of other student services through the Student Union of VCC including Counselling, Disability Services, Financial Aid, ID/Library Card, International Student Services. More information here:

International Students

International students accepted to this program will be eligible to apply for a student visa through VCC. VCC Students will receive a T2202 tax form.

More information for International Students available here: