Dress Code

All students enrolled in an Arts Umbrella Dance program are required to wear the appropriate, specified dance attire at all classes.

Each Level in our General Program has a specified uniform leotard for girls and each class type (such as ballet, contemporary, or jazz) has a specified dress code for both girls and boys.

Class attire is not included in registration or costume fees and can be ordered by emailing the Dance department.

Please note that leotards may be worn until dancers outgrow them.


Girls – General Program

Please order leotards through Arts Umbrella by completing this form. 

Girls – Afternoon Professional Training and Teen programs


Girls – Professional Training Program
Second Skin


*Please see class attire exceptions below

Footwear and Tights

Ballet (all levels)
  • Pink or caramel convertible tights: Capezio 1916 or Mondor 314 (please choose what’s closest to your skin tone)
  • Shoes
    • Levels 1-3: Leather pink ballet shoes
    • Levels 4-5: Canvas pink ballet shoes
    • Teen Program: Canvas pink ballet shoes
    • TIP 1-5: Canvas pink ballet shoes
    • Professional (all): Canvas pink ballet shoes
Character (Pre-Elementary 1/2)
  • Pink convertible tights (Mondor 314)
  • Canvas character shoe (1.5 inch heel)
  • Character skirt (rentals will be provided by Arts Umbrella instructor)
Jazz (all levels)
  • Uniform leotard (see above)
  • Black shorts
  • Ballet shoes
Modern (all levels)
  • Uniform leotard (see above)
  • Black shorts
  • Bare feet
Tap (all levels)
  • Uniform leotard (see above)
  • Black shorts
  • Black tap shoes (Capezio #443C or Bloch #S0301L)
Hip Hop (unisex, all levels)
  • Loose, comfortable clothing
  • Indoor-only sneakers/runners

Boys Attire

Level 1-7, Afternoon Professional Training Program:
  • Tight fitting black t-shirt: Sansha or Capezio
  • Black Shorts: Sansha or Capezio
  • Black socks
  • Nude Capezio Quilted Dance Belt (Level 5 and 5IP)
Professional Levels
  • Levels 1-3: Leather black ballet shoes
  • Levels 4 and up: Canvas black ballet shoes
  • Character: Black Leather Lace Up Jazz Shoe (Bloch S0405G or Bloch S0405L)