Half-day Art Immersion

For young artists ages 3-6

Our Half-day Art Immersion lets preschool age artists discover the fun of art in its many forms, and help them develop essential skills such as focus, self-confidence, and creativity – preparing them for a lifetime of opportunity.

One to Five-day Options are Available.

All our immersion programs combine disciplines such as:

  • Dance: Learn expressive movement and musical awareness to grow coordination, confidence, and focus.
  • Theatre: Become fantastical creatures and characters with the help of our costume trunks. Budding actors grow listening skills, imagination, and self-confidence.
  • Music: Explore basics like rhythm, melody, musical form, and ensemble pieces, growing listening skills and focus.
  • Visual Arts: Discover drawing, painting, and multimedia art techniques,  exploring artistic expression and creative thinking.
Program Options

One to Five-Day Programs (Ages 4-6)
Give your little one a creative head-start on kindergarten. Our weekday immersion programs run at Arts Umbrella’s Granville Island location, with two engaging classes each morning, and a break in between to keep kids energized. Children are immersed in the arts including Creative Dance, Drawing & Painting, Dress-Up Drama, Imagination Through Movement, and Making Music, incorporating all disciplines offered at Arts Umbrella.

Single-day and multi-day* options available.

Individual Half-Day Program (Ages 3-5)
Our Individual Half-day Immersion packages give you the flexibility to choose the days, times, and sessions that best suit your schedule. Morning and afternoon classes are offered Monday to Thursday and include Dance & Visual Arts, Music & Drama, and Visual Arts & Drama.

*Three year-olds are welcome for up to three days, but Four and Five Day packages are intended for children aged 4 and up.

To register contact Student Services at 604.681.5268 (Granville Island) or 604.535.1127 (South Surrey).

Create Your Own Program

For maximum flexibility you can also create your own custom program by combining two classes back-to-back. When registering:

  1. Choose which day(s) you’d like to attend.
  2. Choose your child’s first class (ex: 9:30-10:15 AM)
  3. Add an Early Learning Transition (10:15-10:30 AM)
  4. Add a second class (ex: 10:30-11:15 AM)

For more information, contact Student Services at 604.681.5268 (Granville Island) or 604.535.1127 (South Surrey).

Support Arts Umbrella

Arts Umbrella donors, volunteers, and sponsors share the same belief: that arts education can transform a child’s life. Whether attending an event, making a monthly gift, or donating time, our supporters are vital to helping us inspire creativity for good through the arts.