Visual Arts

Plant the seeds of creativity!

In Visual Arts, our youngest students discover, create, and have fun, all while making their first steps in self-expression.

The early years are a key point in cognitive development, a time to develop problem-solving skills, nurture curiosity, and gain self-confidence. This makes an adventure in art and design – be it drawing, painting, or sculpture – all the more important.

Location Key
GI = Granville Island
SS = South Surrey
SC – Surrey Centre

Sculpture & Ceramics Classes

Clay Sculpture
Ages 3-5, 4-6
Students learn the entire process of clay sculpting from idea design to fired and glazed three-dimensional object, focusing on the use of essential hand-building techniques such as pinch-pot, coiling, and slab work to create experimental creative objects with a focus on texture, form and expression using glazing, hand-painting and mixed media to decorate and finish. As they build, students develop focus, recognizing self and others, and listening skills.

Sculpture & Mixed Media
Ages 3-5, 4-6
Students create 3D works (or bring 2D pieces to life with added 3D elements) by transforming and combining different materials including wood, textiles, paper, paint, thread, and more. Students are taught and encouraged to use fundamental design elements such as space, texture, and line and develop building skills such as cutting, sculpting, and gluing.

Visual Arts Classes

Art Start
Ages 3-5
Young artists begin their journey, creating 2D and 3D pieces across mediums and processes. Students are introduced to working with various materials such as paint, wood, cardboard, pastel, and pencil. Technical skills such as mark-making, colour-mixing, gluing, and building are also introduced.

Drawing & Painting
Ages 3-5, 4-6
Students explore methods of visual image-making, using a variety of drawing, sketching, and painting techniques inspired by reference, observation, and imagination. Purposeful play is used with the youngest students to develop the use of tools such as pencil, marker, pastel, paint, and ink, as well as life-skills such as confident self-expression, understanding feelings, and effective listening skills. As students progress, understanding is deepened through increased self-direction, discussion of artists, art history and the use of symbols, abstraction, and representation.

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