Parent & Me

Parent & Me classes at Arts Umbrella
Inspire creativity... together

Join your little ones in our studios. Our Parent & Me classes introduce younger students to a learning environment while you share your love of the arts with them. Caregivers and/or parents are invited to attend.


Creative Dance
Ages 2-3

Share a love of dance with your little one! Children learn the elements of dance through movement, imagery, songs, and props.

Creative Drama
Ages 2-3
The world of theatre is revealed to children and parents alike in this fun, interactive, and expressive class. Children learn new techniques, explore the relationship between the physical body and music, and discover ways of relating to one another and the world.

Making Music
Ages 3-5
Songs, movement, and stories bring music to life in this fun, interactive way to introduce children to music fundamentals. Participants are encouraged to bring hand-held percussion instruments (or everyday objects to use as instruments) from home.

Visual Arts
Ages 2-3
This class gives toddlers a foundation in visual arts while allowing them full creative freedom to explore. Children experiment with media such as paper, watercolours, oils, and chalk pastels.

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