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Arts Umbrella Theatre & Music for Children
Spark Imagination

When young children discover theatre, they find new ways to express themselves – through acting, movement, and rhythm. Immersed in engaging and active games, young actors start to learn about some of the techniques and skills that will carry them forward to our General Program Theatre & Film classes.

Led by faculty who know how to bring even the shyest child out of their shell, our small class sizes and safe environment will ensure that the entire group emerges from their class ready for their next challenge.

Location Key
GI = Granville Island
SS = South Surrey

Music Classes

Creative Music
Ages 3-4, 4-5, 4-6
Students will explore the voice and basic instruments, and are introduced to music terminology, tempo, rhythm, and scales. Using voice work and hand-held instruments such as drums and shakers, exercises encourage students to use their imagination, start to work with others, and build self-awareness. By Ages 4-6, students will be singing in rounds and are able to recognize the sound each instrument makes.

Theatre Classes

Creative Design
Ages 3-5, 4-6
Through play and imagination, students are introduced to the “behind the scenes” world of theatre and the role of costumes, sets, props, and more. Using different stories as inspiration, students build pieces that help bring that world to life. Students learn elements of design thinking and problem solving, and the balance of safety and play in a building environment is emphasized.

Creative Drama
Ages 3-4, 3-4, 5-6
Little ones develop imagination, creativity, and self-confidence through games and theatre exercises, planting the seed for future theatre classes. Students explore storytelling and using their body to convey a story, discovering ways of relating to self, one another, and the world around them.

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