Free to Move

Encouraging young children to find joy in movement will help establish a long-lasting and healthy relationship with staying active. In our Creative Dance classes for children ages 2-6, little ones improve their coordination, express themselves creatively, and develop concentration and focus.

With the emphasis still on fun, classes cover basic dance vocabulary, and older students ages 5-6 are prepared for the more structured ballet classes of General Program Level 1.


Creative Dance
Ages 3-4, 4-5, 5-6
Our creative dance classes focus on the development of the whole child. Imagination, creativity, and joyful expression are nurtured while children explore dance through a play-based approach. Students are given opportunities to improvise with the help of stories, poems and props, while developing dance skills and being introduced to basic dance vocabulary. Each class will provide opportunities to engage in creative problem-solving, and provide opportunities for the young dancers to grow in cognitive, social, and emotional ways . Classes for children ages 5-6 prepare students for the more structured Ballet classes of General Program Level 1.


Boys Only Dance
Ages 5-6
Boys love to dance, but some may be a little shy about it. This program is just like our gender-mixed Dance classes, but in an environment in which some boys may feel more comfortable. Structured improvisation and percussion games develop focus and encourage kids to express themselves through movement.


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