Boys Only

Arts Umbrella Boys Only Dance
About the Program

Created for any boy who loves to move, our Boys Only Dance program provides an introduction to dance in a safe and supportive environment. Classes are characterized by fun, energetic, and athletic movement.

Arts Umbrella decided to offer Boys Only classes in an effort to minimize the stigma young boys feel might when they join a dance class and to show them that they are not alone. By sparking their love of dance early, many boys will continue on to our gender-mixed classes with confidence.

We have a vision for the future of dance and our society wherein stigma is eliminated for all genders, thereby unleashing the creative energy of all young dancers to pursue their passions.


Placement in the Boys Only Program is determined by academic grade. For example, Level 2 dancers are in Grade 2 and do not need to have completed Level 1.


Students may join our gender-mixed General Program levels at any time, where they will continue to learn movement principles in ballet, character, jazz, and contemporary, and more

Boys interested in a more committed schedule may be recommended by their instructor for the Level 3-5 Intensive Program after Level 2 or the Pre-Elementary Program after Level 5 or Level 5 IP.

Important Information

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Scholarships and Bursaries

To encourage children to try our Boys Only program, Arts Umbrella is pleased to provide scholarship and bursary support. Contact our Registration Specialist, Marilyn Seki, for more information.

Boys Only was so much fun. I think it’s a great way for young boys to discover and explore movement.

—Zander Constant, Arts Umbrella Alumni (2017)