After moving to Vancouver from Eugene, Oregon, Misa Lucyshyn started her dance classes at Arts Umbrella at 8 years old. Misa continued through high school in the Professional Training Program, eventually graduating from the VCC/AU Dance Diploma Program in 2015.

Since graduating, Misa has been offered a contract with Sidra Bell Dance New York where she will be dancing alongside fellow AU alumnus, Rebecca Margolick.

‘My time at Arts Umbrella has taught me how to be an open and dynamic energy in a room,’ says Misa, ‘ultimately I initiate and decide where I am.’

Through the Arts Umbrella Dance Program, Misa was able to regularly attend Vancouver dance performances with her fellow dancers in order to be exposed to and involved in the greater context of local and international dance. She would also have the chance to perform on those same stages through the Arts Umbrella Dance Company.

The rewards of both experiences were palpable to Misa, ‘Some of the most valuable and memorable events that happened at Arts Umbrella for me have been seeing performances. These moments always have reminded me that the rigour of dance comes hand in hand with the joy and intrinsic human instinct to move. These moments have been the ones that have always strengthened my belief that my pursuit of dance no matter how incomprehensibly challenging, is worth it.’

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