For 12 years, Arts Umbrella has presented a preview exhibit of Splash auction artworks at the lovely, light-filled Pendulum Gallery (885 W. Georgia St). The gallery is one of Vancouver most interesting and unusual exhibition spaces, in part because a permanently installed kinetic sculpture swings above gallery-goers in a manner that’s “both soothing and terrifying.”

But that’s not all. Here, we share a few of the things we love about Pendulum Gallery.

  1. Don’t call me Pendulum.
    That swinging thing? It’s artist Alan Storey’s kinetic sculpture called Broken Column, and though it hypnotizes like a pendulum, there is no clock. Instead, the 3,500-pound metal duct mirrors supporting columns in the building. It was originally designed with a fan that would move warm air from the roof to ground level.
  2. The gallery is a public cultural facility.
    Though it’s located inside a private office building, the indoor “park” features regular rotating art exhibitions and is considered public space – so come on in! That also means there’s free admission for all.
  3. Enjoy Vancouver Art Gallery views.
    Look south from Pendulum Gallery’s floor-to-roof glass to get a great view of the Vancouver Art Gallery – a particularly fabulous vantage on a rainy day.
  4. There’s a café. And it serves superb coffee.
    Scuié Pendulum serves up excellent grilled Italian sandwiches, Roman style pizza, and cannoli. But for our coffee break, the mochas win out – Scuié doesn’t add sugar.
  5. Art collaborations.
    Many artists have exhibited at Pendulum Gallery. But it is not the only place Broken Column artist Alan Storey’s work has crossed paths with Arts Umbrella. In 2008, both Arts Umbrella Dance students and Storey worked with Ballet BC on its world premiere interpretation of The Four Seasons, part of Cultural Olympiad programming.

Bonus fact – Splash art on sale!
For the first time, the Arts Umbrella Splash collection is available for sale at Pendulum Gallery. Buyers are quickly snapping up their must-have pieces, which are available for a guaranteed bid of fair market value plus 25%.