Sessional Classes

Arts Umbrella Sessional Art & Design classes
Art & Design classes for young people ages 6-19

Arts Umbrella’s Art & Design classes range from drawing, sketching, and painting, to mixed media and sculpture, to computer animation, and more. Taught by professional artists and educators, Arts Umbrella is dedicated to providing a curriculum that’s based on arts education principles. We work with high-quality materials in our studios, and encourage young people to explore their artistic potential.

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Drawing & Painting Classes

Drawing and Painting

Ages 6-8, 9-12, 13-19
Children at early levels build a foundation through play and investigation. As students join new age cohorts, they will hone their visual perception and create original works using more complex materials and methods. Teen artists will complete their classes with a better understanding of art history, critique, and technique, including colour mixing, paint application, and composition.

Drawing, Painting, and Printmaking

Ages 6-8, 9-12
Young artists learn techniques such as monoprinting, collagraphs, and stencils to create their own original works. At the 9-12 age level, students will also experiment with materials, discover historical influences, and examine works of fine art. Developing upon their techniques, older students will expand their knowledge, and review their creations through group discussion and critique.

Drawing and Sketching Techniques

Ages 9-12, 13-19
This class helps young artists develop their technique in graphite, India ink, charcoal, chalk, and oil pastel. Students experiment with styles—from traditional charcoal drawings to contemporary abstracts—to develop a foundation in art and design. As students progress, they will broaden their ability to accept and deliver feedback. Teens will also learn techniques to establish and build a portfolio.

Mixed Media & Sculpture Classes

Mixed Media and Sculpture

Ages 6-8
Based on a foundation of drawing and painting, students apply their knowledge and spatial awareness to combine new materials in mixed media and sculpture works. Young artists develop new hands-on skills as they explore materials like wood, cardboard, and more.

Architecture Classes

Architecture: Making and Meaning

Ages 6-8
This class introduces young artists to the fundamental elements of architectural design. Children explore and create with two-dimensional drawing and three-dimensional model making. They will also discover the fundamental aspects of architecture, including floor plan concepts, levels, and how to use creative problem-solving when designing spaces.

Architecture: Drawing and Model Making

Ages 9-12
This class explores the architectural design process, including form, line, shape, colour, space, texture, balance, and composition. Students explore the crucial relationship between architectural drawings and model making, and explore the fundamental aspects of architecture, including the function of space and how to use creative problem-solving when designing spaces.

Architecture & Environmental Design

Ages 13-19
This class explores the relationship between architecture, urban design, and the environment, introducing students to energy conservation, water management, sustainable landscapes, car-culture critique, and sustainability rating systems. Teens complete individual projects, and large-scale group work brings theories and information to life.

Media Arts Classes


Ages 6-8, 9-12
Children explore their creativity, bringing stories to life with hand-drawn cartoons and a cast of favourite characters. At the foundation level, this class covers basic forms and shapes, and explores how facial expressions help tell a bigger story. As students progress, they will learn to further develop characters with expression and emotion, and give them a voice.

Graphic Novel and Comic Creation

Ages 9-12, 13-19
Here, students learn to create a graphic novel from scratch, through character design, scriptwriting, drawing, and composition. At higher levels, students expand on these techniques and skills. All levels use pencils, paper, and brush pens to draw, then scan their completed work to print a unique creation.

Computer Animation

Ages 9-12, 13-19
In this class, students bring their drawings to life with animation tools and programs using our mobile media cart. At early levels, lessons cover topics like frame rate, timelines, and the process of frame-by-frame animation. Expanding on that curriculum at higher levels, teens work on projects that challenge their artistic practices.

Character Design and Illustration

Ages 10-12, 13-19
Students advance their technique to draw stylized or realistic character concepts for use in comics, cartoons, and animation. Older students will participate in classroom discussion and critique to better their illustration practice and create compelling characters.

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