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About our Intensive Programs

The Art & Design Intensive Programs are yearlong, once-per-week programs designed for students ages 10-19 who wish to dive deep into a focused program area and develop a more thorough and rigorous artistic practice. Students will push themselves on more advanced concepts of craft and technique and develop close community in a supportive environment. At the core of the curriculum is the enhanced development of each students’ voice through close mentorship and expanded learning opportunities such as group critique and exhibition. Regular attendance is required.

All Intensive classes take place at our Granville Island location.

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Architecture & Environmental Design

Ages 13+
In an immersive studio environment, students engage in research and critique on a variety of contemporary topics such as energy conservation, water management, car culture, sustainable landscapes, and sustainability. Creative approaches to building public spaces and urban design are explored. Both as an individual and in groups, students plan, sketch, and build models that bring their ideas to life.

Clay Sculpture

Ages 13+
In a purpose-built ceramics studio, students will expand their practice of contemporary sculptural ceramics and advance their understanding of fundamental materials, equipment, techniques, and processes. They will study both contemporary and historical art references and develop critical creative approaches to sculptural ceramics.

Drawing & Painting

Ages 13+ | Levels 1, 2, and 3
Students learn to apply their fine art practice to the field of contemporary image-making and material exploration. Advanced use of materials, methods, concepts and subject matter are all explored as students expand their application of core drawing and painting skills and techniques. They will engage in more critical approaches to art making and study both contemporary and historical art references.

Stop-Motion Animation

Ages 13+
Students will learn to apply their animation practice to the timeless tradition of stop-motion animation. They will advance their understanding of essential processes, tools, and equipment including the use of LED lighting, DSLR camera rigs and professional animation software. They will explore a variety of material genres including clay, object, and cutout animations and develop critical approaches to storytelling, character design, and world-building. They will learn from both classic and contemporary animation references to develop a critical creative approach to the craft of stop-motion.


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