Visual Arts

Visual Arts classes for young people ages 6-19

Arts Umbrella’s Art & Design classes in the visual arts range from drawing, sketching, and painting, to mixed media and sculpture. Taught by professional artists and educators, Arts Umbrella is dedicated to providing a curriculum that’s based on arts education principles. We work with high-quality materials in our studios, and encourage young people to explore their artistic potential.

Advanced Visual Arts Classes

Our Advanced Classes for students ages 10-19 are designed to push their creative limits. In these sessional classes, students continue to develop their skills in drawing, painting, sketching, and clay sculpture, with an added focus on thinking critically and engaging in conversation.

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Arts Umbrella donors, volunteers, and sponsors share the same belief: that arts education can transform a child’s life. Whether attending an event, making a monthly gift, or donating time, our supporters are vital to helping us inspire creativity for good through the arts.