Architecture Scholarship Intensive

Learn From Industry Professionals

The Architecture Scholarship Intensive provides teen architects with the rare opportunity to work with some of Vancouver’s most celebrated professionals. Learn about creative approaches in building public spaces and new ways of seeing the built environment. In a studio environment, you’ll engage in research and critique, and discuss and develop ideas. Based on these group discussions, you’ll also draw and create models to showcase your ideas. The program concludes with an exhibition on Sep 27 at Performance Works, as part of the 40th anniversary celebration of presenting sponsor, BTY Group. Guests will include the real estate sector’s most prolific and influential designers, project managers, engineers, developers, and financiers.

Deadline to apply is 5pm on Friday June 18, 2018

The Intensive is a stimulating and challenging experience for young artists committed to working both independently and collectively. Participants will have the opportunity to work with leading architects and educators in Vancouver.

The program will introduce participants to creative new approaches to responding to public spaces and ways of seeing the built environment. Participants will be in a studio environment, engage in research, discussion about developing ideas and engage in critiques. Throughout the program, participants will also do drawing and model making in response to their research and collaboration that will culminate in an exhibition celebration as part of BTY Groups 40th anniversary.

Program fee covered by a full scholarship.

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