Advanced Classes

Arts Umbrella Advanced Art & Design Classes
About our Advanced Classes

Our Advanced Classes for students ages 10-19 are designed to push their creative limits. In these Sessional classes, young people continue to develop their skills in drawing, painting, sketching, and clay sculpture.

All Advanced Classes are specifically for students that already have a foundation in the elements of art and design. Expanding upon that foundation, these classes offer a deep dive into art-making, with a focus on developing an art practice, mentorship, critique, and discussion.

Classes take place at our Granville Island location.


Drawing  Painting

Ages 10-12, 13-19
Experimentation, exploration, and one-on-one instruction help students develop their own artistic voice. Youth gain critical-thinking and problem-solving skills while deepening their knowledge of materials and applications. At teen levels, teaching artists guide students in independent research to inspire and inform original work. Students will explore constructive critique and investigate ideas of abstraction and series work, all while refining fundamental skills in their visual art practice.

Drawing & Sketching Techniques

Ages 13-19
Students hone their technique and develop their own method of artistic communication in this advanced class. Experimentation within the discipline will enhance teens’ emotional  connection to process and skills application. Students also discuss how artists express themselves, examining what shapes their ideas in drawing media such as graphite, India ink, charcoal, and chalk pastel.

Clay Sculpture

Ages 13-19
Students who have a foundation in ceramic techniques will explore and heighten their clay sculpture practice and develop skills further in hand-building, painting, and glazing, with an added focus on exploring new methods to express their creativity. Contemporary and traditional techniques will also be applied, and teens are encouraged to consider the world around
them, through group discussion and the development of original creations.

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