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Arts Umbrella Advanced Classes
About our Advanced Programs

Classes in our Advanced Program are designed for students ages 10-19 who wish to push their creative limits. In these sessional and yearlong classes, artists continue to develop their skills in areas including Drawing & Painting, Character Design, Architecture, Ceramics, and more.

All Advanced Classes are designed specifically for artists that have a demonstrated control and understanding of the elements and principles of art and design. These classes offer focused explorations of specific disciplines in a supportive environment that emphasizes ongoing mentorship, feedback, and critique.

All Advanced classes take place at our Granville Island location.


Architecture & Environmental Design

Ages 13-19
Instructor: Graham Smith
This class explores the relationship between architecture, urban design, and the environment, introducing students to energy conservation, water management, sustainable landscapes, car-culture critique, and sustainability rating systems. Teens complete individual projects while large-scale group work brings theories and information to life.


Ages 13-19
New to the Sculpture & Ceramics program, Advanced Ceramics is for students well-versed in ceramic techniques who are looking to hone their skills with wheel throwing, slip casting, glazing techniques, hand-building, mold making, and extruding. Students will also learn about the many uses and functions of ceramics and their historical and contemporary significance.

Character Design & Ilustration

Ages 13-19
Students will learn to bring characters to life with interesting personalities, behaviours, and appearances that tell a story. Formal elements like silhouette, shape, colour, and palette will be used to establish a defining look and feel. Drawing from observations, references, and imagination, students will generate character sheets and iterate on concepts drawn from animations, comics, toys, commercials and books.

Clay Sculpture

Ages 13-19
Students who have a foundation in ceramic techniques will explore and heighten their clay sculpture practice and further develop skills in hand-building, painting, and glazing, with an added focus on exploring new methods to express creativity. Contemporary and traditional techniques will be applied, and teens are encouraged to consider the world around them, through group discussion and the development of original creations.

Drawing & Painting

Ages 10-12, 13-19
Students will hone their technical skills and explore new modes of representation using traditional and non-traditional methods, materials, and applications. They will engage in creative and experimental approaches to art making to consider drawing and painting as not just marks and colours on paper or canvas, but as tools for thinking critically about larger themes, histories, and contemporary concerns. Working from reference, observation, or imagination, students will work from concept to final piece to produce a number of portfolio-ready works.


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