Vancouver Summer Session

Make the most of the warm months by getting inspired by some of the best arts educators in the province at our state-of-the-art Granville Island home.

Registration for Summer 2023 is now open.

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Week 5: July 31- August 4 | View Schedule
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Lunch Supervision is included for all students enrolled for full days during Spring Break and Summer. New for 2023 is the option to add Lunch Supervision for students in half-day programs and packages at a rate of $60 per week. Please register for lunch supervision as you register for your program(s) or call Student Services for assistance.

Art & Design Programs

Architecture: Drawing & Model Making
Ages 9-12

This class explores the architectural design process, such as form, line, shape, colour, space, texture, balance, and composition. Students explore the crucial relationship between architectural drawings and model making, and explore the fundamental aspects of architecture, such as the function of space and how to use creative problem-solving when designing spaces.

Architecture: Making & Meaning
Ages 6-8

This class introduces young artists to the fundamental elements of architectural design. Children explore and create with two-dimensional drawing and three-dimensional model making. They will also discover the fundamental aspects of architecture, such as floor plan concepts, levels, and how to use creative problem solving when designing spaces.

Art Start
Ages 3-5

Press GO on your child’s journey with art. Young artists engage with shape, colour, pattern, and culture, while getting to know art materials and supplies.

Ages 5-6, 6-8, 9-12

From your mind to the page, create a character worthy of comic books. Participants design cartoon characters, backgrounds, and more using pencils, pastels, markers, and paper cut-outs.

Character Design & Illustration
Ages 13-19

Students develop their skills to draw stylized and realistic character concepts for use in comics, cartoons, and animation. Participants will also gain knowledge to apply to illustrating dynamic body positions and creating compelling characters.

Classical Animation
Ages 9-12

Students will learn about hand-drawn animation, character development, and movement in this program. Over time, storyboarding and technical skills help students grow their artistic confidence as they advance to higher levels where they will get a feel or different animation styles.

Ages 9-12

Frame by frame, from backgrounds to characters, students learn the claymation basics using stop-motion animation. They get a sense of movement, pace, storyboarding, props, sound, and pixilation, and also get their hands on Plasticine to mold characters.

Clay Sculpture Intensive
Ages 13-15, 15-19 | Three-Week Program

In this half day, three week intensive, artist-instructors guide students in producing three-dimensional clay works inspired by influential clay artists and the world around them. Students will be encouraged to explore and refine their visual arts practices, looking to traditional and contemporary techniques, ceramic design, and more. Students also learn to critique work through group discussion and self-reflection. The program completes with a showcase in Arts Umbrella’s building.

Darkroom Photography
Ages 9-12, 13-19

This class reviews the basics of black-and-white photography, followed by lessons on how to develop film and create original prints in Arts Umbrella’s unique and immersive darkroom studio. Students will learn about topics such as lens selection, exposure, depth-of-field, composition, and presentation as well as engage in the research, critique and discussion of the role of photography in today’s world.

Drawing & Painting
Ages 5-6, 6-8, 9-12, 13-19

Get inspired by abstract concepts, still life, and celebrated artists. Participants hone their visual perception through the study of composition, colour, and art history, then apply their ideas to the page using a variety of materials.

Drawing & Painting Intensive
Ages 13-15, 15-19 | Three-Week Program

Create original work with technique and passion. In the Drawing & Painting Intensive, artist-instructors guide students in independent research into artists and history. From that, inspiration and knowledge informs original works created in class. Investigate the ideas of abstraction and series work, all while refining fundamental skills in your visual art practice, including composition, design, and colour theory. In conversation with your peers, the art of constructive critique is also explored and practiced.

Fine Art of Hanging Out
Ages 6-8, 9-12, 13-17

Spend summer creating art en plein air (in the open air). Students will explore Vancouver, taking inspiration sites such as Bloedel Conservatory, Museum of Anthropology, Stanley Park, Trout Lake, Jericho Beach, and Coal Harbour. All ages will create art en plein air (in the open air) and students should be prepared for all weather as class will take place rain or shine.

Graphic Novel & Comic Creation
Ages 9-12

Learn to create a graphic novel from scratch, through character design, scriptwriting, drawing, and composition. At higher levels, students expand on these techniques and skills. All levels use pencils, paper, and brush pens to draw, then scan their completed work to print a unique creation.

Intro to Game Design
Ages 13-17

Interactive storytelling and gaming is one of the largest growing industries in the world. In this course, students gain a deep understanding in game theory, creative confidence, world building, player mechanics and character design, while generating their own interactive game design. An overview of illustration, animation, and storytelling will be presented.

Intro to Virtual Reality
Ages 13-17

In this course, students learn holistic design, and development while building a portfolio of AR and VR 3D interactive designs, sculpture, architecture and illustrations. Students will become world creators while learning Unity, Blender and ZBrush. Students will learn to unlock key principles of creation, and creative confidence for the future of new media.

Kid Tech
Ages 6-8

Children are introduced to the computer by exploring their ideas using different software in this class. Students create digital art using original photos, Photo Booth shots, and digital downloads. Kids will also record sound and explore their new understanding of animation.

Media Arts
Ages 9-12

Go digital! This class introduces students to various styles of media arts and gets them working with Mac computers and software such as Photoshop, Photo Booth, and Illustrator. Lesson topics range from perspective, movement, and space, to investigating how music affects motion and mood.

Mixed Media
Ages 5-6, 6-8, 9-12

Go beyond traditional materials to study various art forms and explore design through experimental methods. Students work with a variety of materials such as wood, paint, and found objects to create unique 2D and 3D artworks.

Sculpture & Ceramics
Ages 5-6, 6-8, 9-12

Artists create three-dimensional works inspired by contemporary artists and the world around them. At early levels, students learn the fundamentals of hand-building and explore decorative applications. As sculptors advance through the program, they will develop their skills in ceramic design, such as modeling, pinch pot, coil, and slab work, and learn to critique work through group discussion and self-reflection.

Dance Programs

Junior Dance Intensive
Ages 7-9, 10-12

A minimum 2 year dance experience required. No audition required. This program is one of the few intensive programs for younger dancers in Metro Vancouver. Featuring Ballet, Conditioning, Jazz and Character classes with special guest instructors and Arts Umbrella faculty.

Teen Dance Intensive
Ages 12-15, 16-18

A minimum 2 year dance experience required. No audition required. This program is one of the few intensive programs for younger dancers in Metro Vancouver. Featuring Ballet, Conditioning, Jazz and Character classes with special guest instructors and Arts Umbrella faculty.

International Summer Dance Intensive
Ages 12+. Admission by audition only.

At Arts Umbrella’s International Summer Dance Intensive, world-renowned teachers, choreographers and repetiteurs offer a dance experience that will lead dancers to reach their performance potential. The intensive full-day, three-week program includes Ballet, Repertoire, Pointe, and Pas de Deux for advanced students, as well as Gaga, Modern, Forsythe Improvisation Technologies, Contemporary, Movement Exploration, and Coaching, and Conditioning. Click here for more information.

Theatre, Music & Film Programs

Acting: Film
Ages 6-8, 9-12

Develop on-camera acting skills through exercises, readings, and improvisation. Young actors build confidence and self-awareness both on- and off-camera. Students also learn how to prepare as an actor and tackle creative projects like how to develop a dynamic character.

Acting: Theatre
Ages 6-8, 9-12

Be curious, be bold, and be yourself. Students will explore a variety of age-appropriate acting tools and techniques such as the relationship between the physical body and character. Students develop imagination, creativity, self-confidence, and empathy in a fun and expressive way.

In the Ages 9-12 class, older students will improve their performance skills through a variety of theatre exercises, character studies, and script work, and learn acting techniques and styles including Laban, improv, and character creation. Participants experiment with emotional and physical character portrayals while collaborating with a class of like-minded young performers.

Creative Drama
Ages 3-5, 5-6

The world of theatre is revealed to children in this exciting, interactive, and expressive acting class. Young actors will develop imagination, creativity, and self-confidence through fun theatre exercises that explore the relationship between the physical body and storytelling, discovering ways of relating to one another and the world.

Dress Up Drama
Ages 3-5

Story time sets the scene for your child’s journey through the landscape of imagination. Theatre exploration gives kids a stage where they can develop listening and social skills, gain self-confidence and self awareness, as well as be creative, in an environment in which kids feel safe and inspired to express themselves. Whether pretending to be fantastical creatures and characters with the help of Arts Umbrella’s costume trunks, or using inspiration to propel stories of their creation, Dress Up Drama class is a place where kids can feel proud, have fun, and maybe… be a little silly.

Imagination Through Movement
Ages 3-5, 5-6

Children learn to express themselves through improvisation and play in this physical theatre class. Class activities may include character creation, mime, rhythm games, and simple choreography to help promote coordination, spatial awareness and self-confidence.

Making Music
Ages 3-5

Nurture a love of music, movement, and theatre. This interactive class uses song, percussion, and musical stories to explore artistic expression, and introduces your child to melody and rhythm.

Musical Theatre
Ages 6-8, 9-12

Sing, dance, act – you can do it all! Students learn to work as a team learning one or more ensemble pieces from Broadway musicals. Let your inner star shine as you explore vocal training, choreography, and improvisation.

Sketch Comedy & Improv
Ages 6-8, 9-12

Be bold and take your comedic and improv skills to the next level with the Sketch Comedy and Improv Intensive. Through a mixture of improvisation and writing, young actors will gain creative thinking, team building, and communication skills that will benefit them on the stage and in everyday life. Industry professionals will help you develop your technique, discipline and artistry. Work with other creative minds to explore, devise, and create sketches that will have them rolling in the aisles.

Ages 6-8, 9-12, 13-19

Learn the secrets of what goes on behind the scenes; how costumes, scenery, lighting and sound all work together with the actors to tell a story. Using age appropriate exercises, hands-on play and experimentation, students will develop their understanding of the relationship between materials, design principles, story, and collaboration. Older students will also learn some specific techniques in stagecraft using theatrical equipment and materials. And everyone will learn a few secret tricks of the trade!

Theatre Sampler
Ages 13-19

Comedy, tragedy, Shakespeare, improv, mask work, scene work, character work, film work, voice work, mime and monologues. There are so many fascinating facets that the world of acting has to offer. It is collaborative yet personal. It is expressive, fun and most importantly, it is all about play and exploration.

Acting Intensive
Ages 9-12, 13-19

Take to the stage and trust your instincts! In this one-week program, you’ll hone your acting chops, and improve your rehearsal and performance skills. Through theatre exercises, character study, and voice work, you’ll learn to make strong, consistent choices about your roles on stage. It’s the best way to feel confident in front of an audience.

Acting: Film Intensive
Ages 9-12, 13-19

Join a group of like-minded teens and get hands on experience working on camera to take your acting to the next level. Craft your performance in a scene using text and character work to exploring filming on set. Learn how to be in the moment, how to surprise yourself in your work, and hone your audition techniques for film and television.

Musical Theatre Intensive
Ages 8-12, 11-16

Join us for a full week in singing, dancing and acting, and experience the thrill of staging and performing a musical. Working with our director/choreographer, and musical director, students will be rehearse a number of ensemble songs as well as solo performances.

Sketch Comedy & Improv Intensive
Ages 13-19

Be bold and take your comedic and improv skills to the next level with the Sketch Comedy and Improv Intensive. Through a mixture of improvisation and writing, young actors will gain creative thinking, team building, and communication skills that will benefit them on the stage and in everyday life. Industry professionals will help you develop your technique, discipline and artistry. Work with other creative minds to explore, devise, and create sketches that will have them rolling in the aisles.

Stagecraft Intensive: Prop Building
Ages 13-19

Discover the creative force that goes on behind the scenes in this exploration of the elements of Stagecraft through Prop Building. Whether working in film or theatre, props are an essential part of creating the mood, time, and reality of a scene. In this intensive, students will explore the process of prop design and prop building. Using easy to find materials, students will develop their understanding of the relationship between design principles of stagecraft, materials, and story all while having a little fun along the way.

Stagecraft Intensive: Scenic Painting
Ages 13-19

Discover the creative force that goes on behind the scenes in this exploration of the elements of Stagecraft through Scenic Painting. A vital element of the theatrical world, Scenic Painting works with lighting to effect the mood of the play in subtle, yet powerful ways. Students will explore various techniques used in set building and scenic painting, such as wet blends, dry brushing, and spatters, to create faux finishes and learn how the set helps to bring the story of the play to life on stage.

Stagecraft Intensive: Theatrical Design
Ages 13-19

Discover the creative force that goes on behind the scenes in this exploration of the elements of Stagecraft through Theatrical Design. Learn to think like a theatre designer and develop your understanding of the relationship between theatrical design and story. Students will collaborate and investigate design principles of scenery, props, costumes, lighting, and sound. Using state of the art equipment, students will explore and experiment with various materials and stagecraft techniques that would bring any production to life on the stage.

Summerstage Musical Theatre Intensive
Ages 12-19
July 3-29 | Four Week Program!

Summerstage Musical Theatre Intensive is designed for emerging teen actors who are looking for a boost to their skills. Whether you’re seriously considering a career in theatre or you simply love musicals, our small class size gives students one-on-one training and personalized education opportunities.

The only Metro Vancouver musical theatre intensive to offer its students the opportunity to perform a full-length Broadway musical, Summerstage focuses on both process and performance. Professional instruction will give teens valuable ensemble and solo experience, with a focus on voice training, dance, and acting.

Shakespeare Intensive
Ages 13-19

Widely regarded as one of the English language’s greatest writers, William Shakespeare’s plays have been captivating audiences for centuries. But how relevant are his works today? The Shakespeare Intensive looks at the language, imagery and poetry of his work while exploring how the themes can be adapted, shaped and performed for a modern audience.


Please refer to Schedules found at the top of this page for detailed pricing of each package and program.

Early Learning Programs: $110

Half-Day Programs: $325
Full-Day Programs: $650

Summerstage Musical Theatre Intensive (4-weeks): $2,600


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Program Changes

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Withdrawal Policy

As of June 1, 2020, withdrawal requests must be received in person, by phone, or in writing 2 weeks before the first class. Withdrawal requests within this period will be refunded less 10% of the tuition fee. After this period, no refund will be provided upon withdrawal.


Instructors are subject to change without notice. Arts Umbrella will strive to provide a substitute rather than cancel a class in the event of instructor illness. In the case of such a cancellation, a replacement attendance date will be scheduled. If it is not possible for Arts Umbrella to schedule a replacement attendance date, a pro-rated refund will be supplied to all affected students. No refund or make up is eligible for students who miss class.

Class Cancellations

Arts Umbrella reserves the right to cancel classes that do not meet minimum enrolment and will cancel classes with insufficient enrolment. Minimum enrolment numbers depend on studio capacity and availability of materials. Cancellations may be expected happen one to two weeks prior to the start date. For classes with close to minimum enrollments, classes will run for up to two weeks plus two days before a cancellation decision. Families will be notified via phone and email. Students from cancelled classes may be transferred to another class or withdraw from the class and receive a pro-rated refund with no 10% withdrawal fee deducted.

Natural disasters and severe weather events

Amounts paid for classes or class attendance dates cancelled due to circumstances out of Arts Umbrella’s control, such as natural disasters and severe weather events, are not reimbursed.

Removal for Conduct

Arts Umbrella reserves the right to remove any student who fails to comply with its rules and regulations or who engages in any activity the Directors deem contrary to the fulfillment of Arts Umbrella’s objectives and Student Code of Conduct. In such an event, Arts Umbrella will be owed the fees for the complete session or school year. Bursary recipients will be asked to reimburse the full value of any bursaries used toward their current registration.

Illness or Injury

Due to COVID-19, if your child is registered for an in-person class and becomes ill and needs to withdraw from the class you will be eligible for a pro-rated refund without a signed physician’s note.


Students enrolled in session-based programs must be the age of the specific class by session start date. Students enrolled in year-long programs must be the age of the class as of December 31. Arts Umbrella reserves the right to withdraw students who have been registered in an incorrect age category.


For the courtesy of our faculty and other students, we can only accept students who are potty-trained. Pull up diapers not allowed.


Every child who attends a class at Arts Umbrella must be registered. Instructors do not have the ability to register students. Attendance is taken at the beginning of each class and unregistered students will be directed to Student Services.

Accessibility and Medical/Learning Needs

In order to ensure our programs are accessible to all students, parents/guardians are required to inform Arts Umbrella at the time of registration of any allergies, or physical, emotional, or learning needs their children may have. Student Services will contact those who indicate such needs to ensure the appropriate accommodations are made for your student to have a positive classroom experience. We welcome any questions and feedback regarding accessibility and any other support for Arts Umbrella students.

Advertising and Publicity

Arts Umbrella reserves the right to photograph and film students and their work for advertising and publicity purposes. Arts Umbrella reserves the right to use student artwork for exhibition at no charge. Parental permission is requested at time of registration.

Mask Policy

In accordance with current direction from the Provincial Health Officer, masks are optional at Arts Umbrella. We encourage caregivers to have a conversation with their student(s) on their family’s expectation for mask wearing while in classes.

Allergies and Sensitivities

Some Arts Umbrella students have life-threatening allergies. In consideration of these students, we ask that parents/guardians please not pack any of the following in snacks/lunches for consumption at Arts Umbrella: Peanuts, tree nuts, nut products, or shellfish.

Additionally, Arts Umbrella requests that strongly scented products not be used within Arts Umbrella’s facilities such as perfumes, soaps, beauty products, or cleaning products.


The health and safety of our students, staff, and families is important to us. Students are not permitted to attend class if they are exhibiting any symptoms of a cold, flu or COVID-19, such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat and difficulty swallowing, coughing or sneezing, or other symptoms as described by the Public Health Agency of Canada, the BC Ministry of Health and BC Centre for Disease Control, or is required to self-isolate. Any student that attends an Arts Umbrella class with these symptoms will not be permitted in the facility.

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