Spring Break

Spring Break & Summer 2023

Our Spring Break programs in Art, Design, Dance, Theatre, Music, Film, and more provide young people with an opportunity to discover new artistic passions, develop their skills, and enjoy spring break alongside their peers.

Classes are available at our Granville Island and South Surrey locations. Registration for Spring Break 2023 is open!

Week 1: March 13-17, 2023
Week 2: March 20-24, 2023

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Lunch Supervision is included for all students enrolled for full days during Spring Break and Summer. New for 2023 is the option to add Lunch Supervision for students in half-day programs and packages at a rate of $60 per week. Please register for lunch supervision as you register for your program(s) or call Student Services for assistance.

Art & Design Programs

Architecture: Drawing & Model Making
Ages 9-12

This class explores the architectural design process, such as form, line, shape, colour, space, texture, balance, and composition. Students explore the crucial relationship between architectural drawings and model making, and explore the fundamental aspects of architecture, such as the function of space and how to use creative problem-solving when designing spaces.

Architecture: Making & Meaning
Ages 6-8

This class introduces young artists to the fundamental elements of architectural design. Children explore and create with two-dimensional drawing and three-dimensional model making. They will also discover the fundamental aspects of architecture, such as floor plan concepts, levels, and how to use creative problem solving when designing spaces.

Architecture & Environmental Design
Ages 13-19

The Spring Break Architecture Intensive is a one-week program for teens ages 13-19 who are interested in the unique opportunity to work with leading architects in the industry to explore the architectural design process and develop their portfolio and applied art practice. Participants will learn about creative approaches in building public spaces and new ways of seeing the built environment as they explore the links between architecture and urban design. In an intensive studio environment, students will engage in research and critique on a variety of topics such as energy conservation, water management, sustainable landscapes, car-culture critique, and sustainability as they work both individually and in groups to plan, sketch and build architectural models that bring their ideas to life.

Ages 6-8

From your mind to the page, create a character worthy of comic books. Participants design cartoon characters, backgrounds, and more using pencils, pastels, markers, and paper cut-outs.

Character Design & Illustration
Ages 9-12, 13-17

Students develop their skills to draw stylized and realistic character concepts for use in comics, cartoons, and animation. Participants will also gain knowledge to apply to illustrating dynamic body positions and creating compelling characters.

Ages 9-12

Frame by frame, from backgrounds to characters, students learn the claymation basics using stop-motion animation. They get a sense of movement, pace, storyboarding, props, sound, and pixilation, and also get their hands on Plasticine to mold characters.

Clay Sculpture
Ages 5-6, 6-8, 9-12, 13-19

Budding sculptors create 3-D art inspired by world cultures and contemporary artists. Students explore the process of ceramic design, including decorative applications using glaze or hand-painting. At early levels, students learn the fundamentals of hand-building and explore decorative applications. As sculptors advance through the program, they will develop their skills in ceramic design, such as modeling, pinch pot, coil, and slab work, and learn to critique work through group discussion and self-reflection.

Teens ages 13-19 will advance their 3D clay sculpture skills while being inspired by both traditional and contemporary artists working in ceramic arts. In a purpose-built ceramic studio environment, students will engage in the research and practice of advanced materials, equipment, techniques and processes integral to the art of sculptural ceramics. Students also learn how to critique and appreciate one another’s work through group discussion, presentation, and self-reflection.

Darkroom Photography
Ages 9-12, 13-17

This class reviews the basics of black-and-white photography, followed by lessons on how to develop film and create original prints in Arts Umbrella’s unique and immersive darkroom studio. Students will learn about topics such as lens selection, exposure, depth-of-field, composition, and presentation as well as engage in the research, critique and discussion of the role of photography in today’s world.

Drawing & Painting
Ages 5-6, 6-8, 9-12, 13-17

Get inspired by abstract concepts, still life, and celebrated artists. Participants hone their visual perception through the study of composition, colour, and art history, then apply their ideas to the page using a variety of materials.

Graphic Design
Ages 9-12
Students learn the art of combining text and image to tell a message by immersing themselves in the world of communication design. They will work on industry standard software such as Adobe Photoshop and InDesign to bring concepts to life through posters, logos, book covers, advertisements, labels, packaging and more.

Intro to 3D Animation
Ages 13-17

A fully focused course on character animation, storytelling and world building. In this course, students will use both Unity and Blender to create a short, 1-minute film that demonstrates their understanding of the principles of animation.

Intro to Game Design
Ages 13-17

Interactive storytelling and gaming is one of the largest growing industries in the world. In this course, students gain a deep understanding in game theory, creative confidence, world building, player mechanics and character design, while generating their own interactive game design. An overview of illustration, animation, and storytelling will be presented.

Intro to VR Design
Ages 13-19

In this course, students learn holistic design, and development while building a portfolio of AR and VR 3D interactive designs, sculpture, architecture and illustrations. Students will become world creators while learning Unity, Blender and ZBrush. Students will learn to unlock key principles of creation, and creative confidence for the future of new media.

Kid Tech
Ages 6-8

Children are introduced to the computer by exploring their ideas using different software in this class. Students create digital art using original photos, Photo Booth shots, and digital downloads. Kids will also record sound and explore their new understanding of animation.

Media Arts
Ages 9-12

Go digital! This class introduces students to various styles of media arts and gets them working with Mac computers and software such as Photoshop, Photo Booth, and Illustrator. Lesson topics range from perspective, movement, and space, to investigating how music affects motion and mood.

Sculpture & Mixed Media
Ages 5-6, 6-8, 9-12

Go beyond traditional materials to study various art forms and explore design through experimental methods. At early levels, students learn the fundamentals of hand-building and explore decorative applications. Students work with a variety of materials such as wood, paint, and found objects to create unique 2D and 3D artworks.

Stop Motion Animation
Ages 6-8, 9-12

In this class, students learn animation basics such as movement, pace, storyboarding, character design, props, backgrounds, sound, pixilation and “fliporamas”. Young people will become
familiar with animation software and equipment, as well as different styles, such as stop motion, hand-drawn, cutout and object animation.

Dance Programs

Dance Intensive
Ages 7-9, 9-12

Choose from a morning, afternoon, or full-day program. This program is one of the few intensive Spring Break programs for younger dancers in Metro Vancouver. Featuring ballet, character, modern, repertoire, and jazz with special guest instructors and Arts Umbrella faculty, the Spring Break Dance Intensive is a comprehensive way to keep building technique over the break.

Theatre, Music & Film Programs

Acting: Film
Ages 6-8, 9-12

Develop on-camera acting skills through exercises, readings, and improvisation. Young actors build confidence and self-awareness both on- and off-camera. Students also learn how to prepare as an actor and tackle creative projects like how to develop a dynamic character.

Acting: Film Intensive
Ages 9-12

Join a group of like-minded teens and get hands on experience working on camera to take your acting to the next level. Craft your performance in a scene using text and character work to exploring filming on set. Learn how to be in the moment, how to surprise yourself in your work, and hone your audition techniques for film and television.

Acting: Theatre
Ages 6-8, 9-12

Be curious, be bold, and be yourself. Students will explore a variety of age-appropriate acting tools and techniques such as the relationship between the physical body and character. Students develop imagination, creativity, self-confidence, and empathy in a fun and expressive way.

In the Ages 9-12 class, older students will improve their performance skills through a variety of theatre exercises, character studies, and script work, and learn acting techniques and styles including Laban, improv, and character creation. Participants experiment with emotional and physical character portrayals while collaborating with a class of like-minded young performers.

Creative Drama
Ages 5-6

The world of theatre is revealed to children in this exciting, interactive, and expressive acting class. Young actors will develop imagination, creativity, and self-confidence through fun theatre exercises that explore the relationship between the physical body and storytelling, discovering ways of relating to one another and the world.

Dress Up Drama
Ages 3-5

Story time sets the scene for your child’s journey through the landscape of imagination. Theatre exploration gives kids a stage where they can develop listening and social skills, gain self-confidence and self awareness, as well as be creative, in an environment in which kids feel safe and inspired to express themselves. Whether pretending to be fantastical creatures and characters with the help of Arts Umbrella’s costume trunks, or using inspiration to propel stories of their creation, Dress Up Drama class is a place where kids can feel proud, have fun, and maybe… be a little silly.

Imagination Through Movement
Ages 3-5, 5-6

Children learn to express themselves through improvisation and play in this physical theatre class. Class activities may include character creation, mime, rhythm games, and simple choreography to help promote coordination, spatial awareness and self-confidence.

Making Music
Ages 3-5

Nurture a love of music, movement, and theatre. This interactive class uses song, percussion, and musical stories to explore artistic expression, and introduces your child to melody and rhythm.

Musical Theatre
Ages 6-8, 9-12

Sing, dance, act – you can do it all! Students learn to work as a team learning one or more ensemble pieces from Broadway musicals. Let your inner star shine as you explore vocal training, choreography, and improvisation.

Musical Theatre Intensive
Ages 8-12, 13-19

Join us for two full weeks of singing, dancing and acting, and experience the thrill of staging and performing a musical. Working with our director/choreographer, and musical director, students will be rehearse a number of ensemble songs.

Sketch Comedy & Improv
Ages 6-8, 9-12

Improv teaches students valuable skills for life, such as problem solving, team building, and communication. This class is a group experience that allows students of all abilities to express themselves while also developing individual skills in creativity. Participants should be ready to play, explore, and share new ideas.

Sketch Comedy & Improv Intensive
Ages 13-19

Be bold and take your comedic and improv skills to the next level with the Sketch Comedy and Improv Intensive. Through a mixture of improvisation and writing, young actors will gain creative thinking, team building, and communication skills that will benefit them on the stage and in everyday life. Industry professionals will help you develop your technique, discipline and artistry. Work with other creative minds to explore, devise, and create sketches that will have them rolling in the aisles.

Songwriting & Digital Music Production Intensive
Ages 12+

Creators will collaborate around a shared theme and make a brand new song from scratch, ready for distribution on streaming platforms and editorial playlists.  Students will collaborate on lyrics, digital music creation, recording, mixing, mastering, and releasing a fully-produced song on platforms worldwide. Students will use music making software and a mobile recording studio to create the track, and learn the business side of releasing, including writing media releases, creating album art, and devising a social media campaign.  No experience necessary. This program gives the inspired music creator the tools and collaborative experience to make songs a reality. (please note – some additional hours may be required during the recording process)

Ages 6-8, 9-12

Learn the secrets of what goes on behind the scenes; how costumes, scenery, lighting and sound all work together with the actors to tell a story. Using age appropriate exercises, hands-on play and experimentation, students will develop their understanding of the relationship between materials, design principles, story, and collaboration. Older students will also learn some specific techniques in stagecraft using theatrical equipment and materials.

Stagecraft Intensive: Scenic Painting
Ages 13-19

Discover the creative force that goes on behind the scenes in this exploration of the elements of Stagecraft through Scenic Painting. A vital element of the theatrical world, Scenic Painting works with lighting to effect the mood of the play in subtle, yet powerful ways. Students will explore various techniques used in set building and scenic painting, such as wet blends, dry brushing, and spatters, to create faux finishes and learn how the set helps to bring the story of the play to life on stage.

Stagecraft Intensive: Prop Building
Ages 13-19

Discover the creative force that goes on behind the scenes in this exploration of the elements of Stagecraft through Prop Building. Whether working in film or theatre, props are an essential part of creating the mood, time, and reality of a scene. In this intensive, students will explore the process of prop design and prop building. Using easy to find materials, students will develop their understanding of the relationship between design principles of stagecraft, materials, and story all while having a little fun along the way.

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