The Krepiakevich family has long been part of the Arts Umbrella family. As parents, students, event guests, volunteers, fundraisers, and more, they show the reach of Arts Umbrella’s 35-year legacy.

When we asked the Krepiakevich family why they support Arts Umbrella, here’s what they each shared:

Terry: “We have been involved with Arts Umbrella for 25 years, including near perfect attendance at Splash! We are grateful that such a wonderful organization exists in our community and the inspiration it provides to children and youth. Through all these years, we saw our two children learn, experience, and grow from the wonderful Arts Umbrella experience.”

Alexia: “Having participated in dance, theatre, and arts programs as a child, I value how this experience fostered curiosity in me. I believe arts education is a vital component of child development, helping build self-confidence and ignite creativity. I am proud that our family continues to support Arts Umbrella to help other children and youth.”

Stefan: “As an alumnus of Arts Umbrella, my role with the organization has now changed from student to volunteer. I am delighted to now give back to this organization by assisting with the integration of new technologies into their fund development, marketing, and management systems.”

Charlene: “As a strong advocate for the arts over many years, I passionately believe the arts foster ideas, visions, and possibilities in people and communities. At Arts Umbrella, our children benefited from this unique environment that provided them with opportunities to explore, learn, and experiment through dance, music, theatre, and visual arts.”