For the past year, Arts Umbrella has been diligently working on a new brand; an opportunity to take stock of the past 35 years and prepare for the next 35. We recognize that the world is changing around us and in order for us to continue inspiring creativity in our students, we need to change too – while remaining true to what Arts Umbrella stands for.

Visually this means a refreshed logo, colours and graphic language. The new logo is firmly rooted in our old one, just turned on its end.

An umbrella. From a new perspective.

An A.
A spark.
A seed of inspiration
that grows
and grows
in every child.

We’re not just cultivating artists. We’re cultivating confidence, self-expression and a place where all this can happen. For all kids.

We’re excited about our new brand. We love it and hope you do too. Over the coming months you’ll see a transition over to a new look Arts Umbrella. A new look, but the same commitment to inspiring creativity.

Inspiring creativity. For good.