Some photo booth fun! Photo by @artsumbrelladance
Some of our 5ip mice working at the photo booth upstairs. Photo by @artsumbrelladance
Many thanks to RBC for renewing their major support of the RBC Emerging Artists Program. Thanks for sharing this photo, @pjlarocque!
Strike a Pose! Photo by @artygordon
Did someone say lollipop fight? Photo by @livonaellis
Look! We found the Prince! -@salttoyourpepper
Picture perfect holiday photo by @emazezelj
All smiles with giant lollipops. Thank you for sharing, @livonaellis
A lovely family photo by @nglouchak!
The venue was dog-friendly too! Thanks for sharing this photo @leahmacfarlane!
Our sweet moms have a lil' fun with some lollipops. Photo by @artygordon
An all-star photo with (L-R) Dance Instructor Lynn Sheppard, Arts Umbrella Co-Founder Carol Henriquez, Arts Umbrella Dance Alumnus Christoph von Riedemann, Arts Umbrella Dance's Artistic Director Arty Gordon, and Arts Umbrella Dance Alumna Livona Ellis.
Someone was so excited to see the show! Thanks for sharing this adorable photo of your little girl @5minutesformom
A heartwarming photo with a touching story to boot! Vivian (@chocoviv) decided to grab an extra cup of Tim Horton's hot chocolate for a gentleman standing outside in the cold. Thanks to Tim Hortons for providing some warm drinks.
The fabulous crowd at @artsumbrelladance's school shows. Did you know? Our talented dancers worked hard to put on not just one, but 6 fabulous performances to over 4,000 kids for free! 
Photo by @artsumbrelladance
Photo by @sarah_hau who says, LOVED this interpretation of The Nutcracker by Arts Umbrella Dance Company.  The teens and youth were ?? and these kindergartners did a great job on the long walk and keeping the wiggles to a minimum.
Behind the scenes with some of our mice. Photo by @kierra_kelp
Behind the scenes with some of our dancers. Photo by @wknd.l0sr
Our talented dancers take their final bow. We hope you all enjoyed the show.
Thanks for this amazing photo, @artofsunday
Some photo booth fun! Photo by @artsumbrelladance 1 / 19