Sessional Programs

About our Sessional Programs

Arts Umbrella Sessional Theatre Programs are the perfect introduction to theatre, musical theatre, film, and writing. All Sessional Programs follow the Arts Umbrella General Program schedule.

  • Fall Session: Sep 14-Dec 6, 2019
  • Winter Session: Jan 6-Mar 8, 2020
  • Spring Session: Apr 4-Jun 22, 2020


From script writing to costumes and performances, our Sessional Programs give young people an opportunity to discover the world of Theatre & Music. Our programs help students develop imagination, build self-confidence, and learn to work as a team. Supportive and knowledgeable instructors guide students through classes, following a unique curriculum that focuses on process and personal development. Class exercises and performances can help young artists feel more emotionally and physically comfortable with their artistic passions.

Acting for the Camera

Develop on-camera acting skills through exercises, readings, and improvisation. Young actors build confidence and self-awareness both on- and off-camera. Students also learn how to prepare as an actor and tackle creative projects like how to develop a dynamic character.


Art of Acting

A good performance comes down to the art of acting—no matter the location. Students sharpen their instincts and discover how to make strong, consistent choices. This class touches on improv, film, scene work, rehearsal skills, and collaboration—all to improve young actors’ art.


Art of Improv

Improv teaches students valuable tools for life, like problem-solving, team building, and communication. This class is a group experience that allows students of all abilities to express themselves while also developing individual skills in creativity. Participants should be ready to play, explore, and share new ideas.


Comedy Writing

Students discover the world of comedy writing and create their own work. Special attention is placed on how to establish premise and how to develop a unique voice for parody, satire, and caricature. Students have weekly in-class writing activities based on the form of comedy studied that day.


Creative Drama

In this class, children develop their imagination, creativity, and self-confidence. Through acting exercises like improv, miming, and movement, children discover the art of pretend, and collaborate with their peers.


Imagination Through Movement

Students learn to express themselves through physical theatre and a sense of play. Class activities may include mask work, character creation, puppetry, and simple choreography to help promote coordination and self-confidence.


Musical Theatre

Here, students find their voice and make the connection between their bodies, music, and storytelling. This class features ensemble pieces, vocal training, choreography, and physical improvisation. Participants also collaborate on ensemble pieces, learning to work as a team on stage.


Theatre Works

Let’s play together and discover how “theatre works.” Students connect through improvisation, mask work, movement, and physical characterization. Acting exercises encourage imagination, creativity, self-confidence, and self-awareness.



From cartoons to commercials and radio to video games, voice-over is an integral part of an actor’s tool belt. In this class, students learn microphone technique and studio etiquette, and play with character voices as they explore the world of voice acting. Students will receive a voice-over demo reel of their work at the end of the session.


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