Acting for the Camera

Feel at home on-camera

Put yourself on tape! Acting for the Camera classes help young actors grow self-confidence and self-awareness through practicing cold reads, honing audition skills, and experiencing on-set simulations.

Scene studies and on-camera improvisation work to develop a deeper understanding of acting techniques and screen direction.

Our professional actor-instructors are there to guide the journey – whether it is making interesting choices on camera or gaining the self-assurance to take risks.

Why Acting for the Camera

Our lovely home of Vancouver is also home to many film and TV productions. (In fact, you’ve likely seen some of our Theatre & Music instructors on the big and little screens.) Acting for the Camera classes cover the all-important basics of the art and industry, helping students get comfortable with two shots, master shots, eye lines, hitting their mark, and finding the light. We also demystify all those unusual film terms such as crafty, the circus, best boys, gaffers, grips – and what exactly is the honey wagon?

Acting for the Camera allows students to learn from observation of themselves and others, and let that inform their creative expression. And at every step, Arts Umbrella instructors are there to guide students with direction and insider know-how.

Acting for the Camera classes

Ages 9-12

Lights! Camera! Action! Students put themselves on tape and experiment with creative ideas. Classes help build the confidence to take risks in front of the camera. Students get loose with warm-ups, explore how to portray characters on film, and get hands on with camera techniques.

Students also collaborate on group projects, producing short films that showcase the whole class of talented young actors.

Ages 13-19

Practice cold reads, hone audition techniques, get to know what happens on set – teens can get a real feel for the film and TV industry in our Acting for the Camera classes. Warm-ups, slates, scenes, direction – it all leads toward creating characters that are believable for the camera.

Teens can take their acting to the next level with our Year-Long Theatre Intensive Programs, where actors learn to refine skills, grow artistic confidence, and step into the spotlight.