Tomoyo Yamada

Tomoyo Yamada is an interdisciplinary artist in performance art and choreography. Born in Japan and educated in the United States, she has spent most of her life traveling between North America and Japan, negotiating distinct cultural identities. Her practice is influenced by her ongoing research into identity politics and her self-reflexive interrogation of transnational cultural differences. She recently completed her Master of Fine Arts degree at Simon Fraser University’s School for the Contemporary Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts.

Tomoyo has been presenting works in various festivals such as Dance Cafe (2021), International Dance Day at the Dance Centre (2021), Open Stage (2020), Dancing on the Edge Festival (2019), Vines Art Festival (2019), and REVERBdance Festival (2016). Her works include Friday Dinner (2020), Stuck in 2020 (2020), yane ura (2019), Emergency (2012), kikoeteimasuka (2013), and Femme Façade (2014), which have been performed and recreated multiple times in Japan, Canada and the United States.