Marinda Heshka

Born in Victoria BC, Marinda has had a lifelong passion for the arts, dance, and teaching. Even as a young student, Marinda would organize, cast, and choreograph small school and community productions. The dance studio was always the first place Marinda wanted to be, and through the support of her incredible teachers, family, and scholarships, she was able to train intensively in Canada and abroad.

Marinda has worked professionally as a dancer and instructor in Los Angeles, the United Kingdom, and Mexico. She has also contributed to film and television as a producer, developing major network shows for ABC, NBC, TLC, and more. Today, Marinda resides in Vancouver and is dedicated to sharing her passion and education with aspiring young dancers. Marinda models her teaching style after her most inspirational teachers who assiduously believed the key to untapping a dancer’s greatest potential lies in the development of strong work ethic, confidence, and creativity. After taking some time off to start a family she is very excited to be back in the studio at Arts Umbrella.