Tara Jean Stevens is a Vancouver radio broadcaster and a graduate of Columbia Academy School of Broadcast Arts. Tara Jean is also an actress and award-winning playwright.  In June 2006, she won the ‘Sydney Risk Prize for Outstanding Script by an Emerging Playwright’ for her play “My Father’s House”. In September 2006, she was featured in The Georgia Straight’s ‘Fall Arts Review’. In 2005, she was one of the Vancouver Sun’s “25 TO WATCH IN 2005”. Stevens is a graduate of the acting program at Langara’s Studio 58.

We sent Tara Jean some questions to answer so you could get to know her better and get a sense of what she’s about as an artist.

Hi, what is your name and what do you do?

My name is Tara Jean Stevens (nee Wilkin). I co-host a morning radio show on 96.9 JACK FM; two-time winner of the “Broadcast Performer Of The Year” award (BCAB). I am also an actress and playwright; won the Sydney Risk Prize For Outstanding Script By An Emerging Artist for my first play “My Father’s House”.

How did you come to be involved with Arts Umbrella?

I became aware of Arts Umbrella through my association with Paul (Moniz de Sa). We performed together at Bard On The Beach in 2006; A Midsummer Night’s Dream, one of the most magical productions I have ever had the pleasure of being involved in.

What is your passion?

I love words. Spoken or written.

What do you love most about your passion?

My love for words has guided me joyously down two career paths: theatre & radio. In both industries, I have found success as a writer, performer, & producer.

What is you’re newest source of inspiration?

Just one? Can’t do it. Right now, I’m really inspired by social media, screenwriting, & video production.

What has been your greatest challenge?

That’s easy. My greatest challenge is the ongoing decision to sacrifice my career in the theatre for a career in radio. I hope it will be a temporary sacrifice and that one day, perhaps when both my children are in school, I will have the time and energy to balance both.

Why is art important?

It gives me an outlet for my big imagination. Without art, my imagination might implode and destroy the world…! OR at the very least I would get bored, and I can’t have that.

What is your advice for young artists?

If you don’t have it already, develop a strong work ethic! This includes a sense of responsibility, ferociously guarding your integrity, and having self-discipline to get the job done. Set achievable goals and as soon as you meet them, set a new goal right way!

What makes you smile from ear to ear?

A well-told story with a perfect punch line.

Where can we find you on Sunday afternoons?

At home with my husband and two children: playing dress-up, cleaning my house, and doing show prep for my radio show.

Tell us about any upcoming or current projects you are involved in.

You can hear my radio show on 96.9 JACK FM, weekday mornings from 6-10am.

About the Arts Umbrella Master Class Series

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