Imagine if Washrooms Didn’t Provide Toilet Paper

Governments, workplaces, and institutions around the world are joining a movement to provide free period care within their washrooms as they do toilet paper.

Arts Umbrella is proud to join this movement. We now offer open-unit dispensers, liners, pads, and tampons, in every washroom in our Granville Island and Surrey Centre locations.

Why Period-Friendly Classrooms and Workplaces Matter

Period poverty is real and exists in Canada. By offering free period products, we’re breaking down barriers to ensure our classrooms and workplaces are accessible, so all students and staff who menstruate can feel supported and included, helping them to reach their full potential.

  • 51% of Canadians identify as someone who currently menstruates or has previously menstruated
  • 25% of students and employees who menstruate miss school or work due to their period
  • 86% of employees who menstruate start their period unexpectedly in public
  • 66% of menstruators don’t feel comfortable asking a stranger for period products
  • More than 28% of people know someone who could not afford to buy menstrual products
  • 25% of people who menstruate ration period products
  • 56% of people who have periods try to be discreet when bringing period products to the washroom

Statistics provided by Women and Gender Equity Canada and Joni

Sustainable Period Care from joni

We’ve partnered with joni to provide free biodegradable organic bamboo pads and liners, and cotton tampons, that are free from petroleum-based plastic and chemicals.

Our dispensers are regularly checked and restocked so that people who menstruate can take what they need.

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