Film: The Pandemic That Didn’t Define Them

A monologue play by Emily Hageman
with 6 additional monologues written by the Laboratory Theatre Troupe students
and 1 additional monologue written by Paul Moniz de Sá

Wednesday, December 9
Available to view on online from 7:15 PM

Presented by the Junior, Senior, and Laboratory Theatre Troupes
Directed by Seamus Fera, Laura McLean, Paul Moniz de Sá, and Susanne Moniz de Sá
Filmed and Edited by Paul Moniz De Sá

It’s with great pleasure that we present the official premiere of a filmed series of monologues by our Junior, Senior, and Laboratory Theatre troupes.

This film version follows a live online performance on Sunday evening; the groups have been learning to adapt their delivery and focus for different mediums.

The title of the collection – The Pandemic That Didn’t Define Them – is appropriate given the circumstances; in an ordinary year, our Theatre Troupes would be preparing to share their work live and in-person.

But in a year of reinvention, these young people have been unwilling to let the pandemic limit their artistry and commitment to performance.

The collection features 23 monologues inspired by the hearts of young people. Each piece feels immediate and intimate as characters wrestle with the timely situations we all face.

Some of the monologues are about the pandemic, and some aren’t – because although our young people are experiencing this historic event, it isn’t who they are.

The Pandemic That Didn’t Define Them is produced by special arrangement with Stage Partners. No tickets necessary, donations welcome:
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Content warning: Please be advised this play explores situations of loneliness, abuse, and Covid-19.

Date & Time: Location: Event Information:
December 9
7:15 pm