The Pandemic That Didn’t Define Them

A monologue play by Emily Hageman
with 6 additional monologues written by the Laboratory Theatre Troupe students
and 1 additional monologue written by Paul Moniz de Sá

Sunday, December 6
7:15-8:45 pm

Presented by the Junior, Senior, and Laboratory Theatre Troupes
Directed by Seamus Fera, Laura McLean, Paul Moniz de Sá, and Susanne Moniz de Sá

A collection of 23 monologues inspired by the hearts of young people. Each piece feels immediate and intimate as characters wrestle with the timely situations we all face.

Some of the monologues are about the pandemic, some aren’t – because while our kids lived through a historical event, it’s not who they are.

The Pandemic That Didn’t Define Them is produced by special arrangement with Stage Partners. No tickets necessary, donations welcome.

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Content warning: Please be advised this play explores situations of loneliness, abuse, and Covid-19.


Cast credits:

The Calm Within the Storm
Anna Wodzicki
What To Do
Ruby Klein
Cancer Boy
Kamil Whaley-Kalaora
Cape Time
Lucy Jeffrey
Please Forgive Me
Duncan Murch
We Let Them Go
Sewit Haile
Wash Your Hands, You Moron
Molly Makepeace
Just Wait
Charlie Caddick
Generation F
Oliver Stevenson
Time Flies
Katie Evans
The Rhythm Beats Louder
Chinen Kaneko
Some Lady Yelled at Me While I Was Working
at The Grocery Store and I’m Not Ok
Aidan Floyd
What Happened That Night
Jonah Peacock
Surprise Me
Gemma Martin
Social Media Burnout
Elliot Chandler
The Pit
Jemma Felts
Public Announcement
Veronica Gust
The Wheel and The Thread
Sahba Sabour
Halloween Hail Mary
John Underhill
Bullet Bill
Saara Barinbaum
Go With The Flow
Gus Setala-Gay
Stella Jack Rennie
The Trap
Ava Nikolakis
Date & Time: Location: Event Information:
December 6
7:15 pm - 9:00 pm