Shared Approach

Exhibition Dates: Apr 1-16, 2016
Opening: Fri Apr 8 at 5pm
Remington Gallery, 108 E. Hastings St.

At this year’s Capture Photography Festival, Arts Umbrella and Remington Gallery come together again for a group exhibition that involves both mentor and student. Shared Approach examines how format and space affect the intentions of the photographer. Using combined experiences, the artists and students constructed an experiential environment exploring the relationships between individuals, materials, and processes. The resulting exhibition asks the viewer to reflect, listen, and sit with the perspectives of our youth in finding their own voices.

Capture Photography Festival - Shared Approach Exhibit Jerry Ma, Untitled, 2017, C-print, 16″ x 20″



Exhibition Dates: Apr 1-30, 2017
Artist Talk: Thu Apr 20 at 6pm
Arts Umbrella South Surrey, 26 Avenue, Surrey

Inspired by commercial photography, surveillance technologies, and experimental sound performance, Alex Waber’s Failpoint project examines the camera’s ability to see. Through strategic underexposure, the artist “fails” at taking a photograph and instead recovers the image in post-production. The resulting picture is made of digital noise, in which new patterns and textures emerge. Some “fail points” are unrecognizable, others take on an almost vintage aesthetic, and both ultimately reduce the world to a unique mood and texture.
Capture Photography Festival - Failpoint Exhibit Alex Waber, Failpoint 19, 2015, C-print, 23″ x 33″