Providing Access to Arts Education for Youth Across Metro Vancouver

Arts Umbrella opens doors for all young people so that they can develop their confidence and creativity. Our donor-funded community programs harness the same magic and expertise as our tuition-based classes, and bring the Arts Umbrella experience to the children and communities in Metro Vancouver who would benefit from them most.

For many vulnerable youth, our programs offer a supportive outlet to explore the limitlessness of creativity. Time and again, studies show that arts education matters and that it provides the building blocks for life: critical-thinking skills, improved self-esteem, and tools for collaboration.

Our classes, workshops, and performances remove the geographic, cultural, social, and financial barriers that can prevent young people from accessing the arts. We partner with neighbourhood houses, school boards, healthcare facilities, and community centres with a special focus on reaching children and youth in areas that demonstrate high vulnerability.

Download Arts Umbrella’s 2019 Access Report here

Arts Umbrella 2019 access map