Waterbucket - IIWAI - 13 & 28, 2018

Waterbucket – IIWAI – 13 & 28, 2018
Pigmented ink on archival paper diptych
16 x 16 in each | Edition 1/7
Donated by the artist
Estimated value: $1,500

Lisa Ochowycz is a Vancouver-based visual artist who has been awarded residencies at Baer Art Centre in Iceland and Stegner House in Saskatchewan. Her work has been collected and exhibited internationally, most recently in a solo show in Basel, Switzerland. Ochowycz’s works revolve around translation, the imprint of social and geographical experience on memory, and beauty. These themes intertwine in atmospheric abstract paintings, works on paper, or photo-based work.

lisaochowycz.ca | @lisaochowycz