Kim's General Store | DaySleeper, 2015/2019
  • Kim's General Store | DaySleeper, 2015/2019
  • Photography in lightbox | 34.5x45.4x3 in | edition AP 1/3 - lightbox
  • Estimated value $10,500
  • Donated by the artist, courtesy of Christine Klassen Gallery

Kevin Boyle is a Vancouver-based photographer. He believes that humanity has walked away from the things we hold dear in favour of things fleeting and trivial. Boyle’s art—whether a long exposure of an abandoned building, a montage of cattle, or dizzying images of mountains and glaciers—challenges his viewers to reconsider their perspectives. A first-prize winner at the International Photography Awards and the Fine Art Photography Awards, his work is found in collections across North America and Europe. His art is also available through Hall Spassov Gallery in Seattle and Christine Klassen Gallery in Calgary.