Polignano A Mare (mid-day), Dari, Apulia, Italy, 2016

Polignano A Mare (mid-day), Bari, Apulia, Italy, 2016
Archival pigment print
59 x 73.5 in | Edition of 5, AP 1/2
Donated by the artist
Courtesy of Kostuik Gallery
Estimated Value: $16,700

Photographer David Burdeny grew up in the Prairies before resettling on the West Coast. His signature aesthetic is not limited to a single subject matter. Rather, he has spent the past 15 years shooting minimal seascapes, ornate European interiors, abstract aerials, and more. Adventurous and risk-taking, Burdeny’s photography occupies a middle ground between the physical and sensual, the concrete and spiritual, and the actual and idealized. Burdeny has received multiple awards for his work, which has been exhibited around the world and is widely collected and published.

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