Ophelia, 2020

Ophelia, 2020 (a two part story)
Acrylic on canvas and archival paper on panel and resin
40 x 40 in
10 x 10 in
Donated by the artist
Estimated Value: $8,000

Vancouver-born artist Athena Bax believes in paying it forward with her art. Her body of work has been described as ethereal, employing a gentle, poetic style that uses layers of paint, ink, and hot water to create a soft focus that makes her subjects appear as though they are floating in a dream. Her work is collected by numerous international private and corporate collections. Athena’s 2020 contribution is a two-part story that was completed specifically for Splash. From her physical body to her light body, “Ophelia” flies on and off the canvas, living her days in the Heavenly Grace given to us all.

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