Dedicated to Access

At Arts Umbrella, we believe in the difference an arts education can make in the lives of young people. Through arts education, children and youth develop immeasurable life-long skills, such as critical thinking, problem solving, and confidence.

This is why we want to ensure that all children and youth, regardless of socio-economic circumstances, have access to our programs. In 2018/19 Arts Umbrella reached more than 24,000 students, with 81% served through bursaries, scholarships, and donor-funded community programs. We are extraordinarily grateful to the numerous corporations, individuals, foundations, governments, families, and volunteers that allow us to increase youth access to the arts across Metro Vancouver.

In 2020, Arts Umbrella will move into its new home on Granville Island, and the 2018/19 year brought us closer to realizing this transformational opportunity. As we look forward, we hope to continue making an impact in the lives of young people, nurturing every young person’s creativity and curiosity through arts education. To the entire Arts Umbrella family, we can’t thank you enough for your continued support. Together, we’re creating The New Limitless for generations to come!

Download Arts Umbrella’s 2019 Annual Report here

Arts Umbrella 2019 Annual Report cover