Creativity is Big

Thirty-seven years ago, 45 children walked through our doors—the very first Arts Umbrella students.

Arts Umbrella has grown into something much bigger, becoming a nationally renowned charity that has provided the highest quality Dance, Theatre, and Visual Arts education to more than 500,000 young people.

“It was a dream to inspire all children to become healthy, confident, productive, creative citizens,” says Carol Henriquez, O.C., co-founder of Arts Umbrella. “Through the arts we’re realizing that dream.”

Arts Umbrella’s half-million students have gone on to become the creative citizens who are the success of the creative economy—leading the way in industries like movies, publishing, and video games. But it hasn’t stopped there. Creativity has paved the way for many students to become successful doctors, scientists, and business leaders.

Long before research started to show that creativity was the key to unlocking a child’s potential, Arts Umbrella was there, inspiring young lives through the arts.

Big things… great things… so often start small. Our past and current students are the perfect proof of that.

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