Paid Community Programs

Arts classes in your neighborhood

Arts Umbrella tuition-based Community Programs bring creativity to schools, community centers, and daycares throughout Metro Vancouver. We hire enthusiastic artist-instructors, use professional-quality supplies, and deliver inspiring lessons – but all just a little closer to your home. We’d love to deliver a Community Program near you, and give more kids the opportunity to take part in the arts.

Where to find our Community Programs

Arts Umbrella Community Programs are available at the following locations:

* denotes programs only open to students of the school.

How to start an arts program in your neighborhood

You can help give more kids the opportunity to take part in the arts – simply by being the catalyst for a tuition-based Community Program. Here’s how you can help make it happen:

1. Start the momentum: Talk to other parents and find out what visual arts, theatre, and dance programming they’d like to see at your school or in your neighborhood. Need some ideas? Creative Drama, Musical Theatre, Drawing & Painting, and Hip Hop are just some of the classes Arts Umbrella can offer.

2. Chat with your school: Let teachers or school administrators know that you’d like more after-school arts programming. And that Arts Umbrella can help make it happen.

3. Connect with us at Arts Umbrella: Tell us the needs of your school. Miriam Aiken, our Community Programs Director, will work with your school to design and launch a program. You can reach out to her with questions and ideas at or 604.681-5268 ex262.

4. The class is about to begin: Spread the word to other parents and register your family for the Arts Umbrella class. Then, enjoy having more arts education close to home, and know you’ve helped nurture creativity and essential life skills in a whole class of children.

If you have any questions or would like to chat about offering a class at your school, please contact Miriam Aiken, Director, Community Programs at

Classes in your school – from Painting to Hip Hop

Wondering what classes we can offer your school or neighborhood? Here are just a few:

Creative Drama: Children develop imagination, creativity, and self-confidence with fun and exhilarating theatre games. Improvisation, miming, and movement are just the beginning.

Dress-up Drama: Inspiring theatre games provide a stage for students, who become fantastical creatures and characters with the help of Arts Umbrella’s costume “tickle trunks.” This class can help grow listening skills, self-confidence, and focus.

Drawing & Painting: Get colorful! Young artists learn composition, design, and colour theory basics using materials such as charcoal, oil pastels, tempera, chalk, and pen and ink.

Musical Theatre: Sing, dance, act – let your inner Broadway star out! Kids find their voice by developing the connection between their body, music, and storytelling. Classes feature ensemble pieces, vocal training, choreography, improvisation, and more.

Hip Hop: Students think on their feet and dance their way through a study of rhythm, coordination, and choreography. Energizing and fast-paced, the class develops focus, strength, and agility without losing the beat of fun.

Theatre Works: Theatre games encourage all-important self-confidence and self-awareness. Students connect through improvisation, mask, movement, and physical characterization. And breath work helps students find and project their voices.