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From script writing to costumes and performances, our Theatre classes explore the art of pretending. Discovering the world of theatre can help kids and teens develop imagination, let them experience unique teamwork, and help build self-confidence.

Supportive and knowledgeable instructors guide students through classes, which may involve improvisation, breath work, masks, movement, or physical characterizations. Class exercises and performances can help young artists feel more emotionally and physically comfortable. If all the world’s a stage, and we are merely players, then let’s work together and to discover how theatre works.

Why Theatre

You may not think teamwork when you think Theatre. But you soon will. Contributing creative ideas, memorizing lines, responding to direction, and working together on a performance all let students feel like part of the team (aka cast).

Theatre classes can help kids, youth, and teens find confidence in their voices, overcome performance nerves, and step into the artistic spotlight – all in a safe and supportive environment where creativity takes flight. We love the world of imagination that Theatre explores, and students of all ages love it too!

When students join us for classes ranging from Improv to Creative Drama, they grow a love of theatre and the arts that will last a lifetime!

Theatre classes

Ages 2-6

Little ones take center stage with our engaging Theatre & Music classes forAges 2-6. Tickle trunks, costumes, adventure walks, and explorations are all part of the fun. Young actors learn about being specific with their actions, exploring different characters, and getting silly during warm-up exercises. Learning to focus, listen, respect, and share is at the heart of all Theatre classes.

At the end of the session, parents get to enjoy the moment as little ones perform and take a bow!

Ages 6-12

Engaging theatre games help spread imagination far and wide. Theatre classes can help students can feel more emotionally and physically comfortable, and also help young actors build self-awareness. Projection, enunciation, articulation, and pronunciation all play a part in growing self-confidence.

Classes may focus on portraying specific characters, introducing theatre vocabulary terms, or stretching creative limits. But in all classes, there’s the common theme of learning to focus, listen, and share.

Students ages 10-12 can spend more time on the stage with our Year-Long Theatre Intensive Programs, where young actors learn to refine skills, grow artistic confidence, and step into the spotlight.

Ages 13-19

Teens can take the stage in many ways, such as in our Year-Long Intensive and Pre-Professional programs, as well as one-term sessions focusing on various aspects of Theatre. Seasoned artist-instructors lead the classes, guiding students as they collaborate, create, and perform productions at venues like the Waterfront Theatre and Performance Works.

Questions about our Theatre classes?

Please contact Student Services for class information, schedules, and registration.

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