Audition Prep Program

About the Program

Acting is a demanding business. Forging a career in the industry can be a challenging endeavour for those taking their first steps. This three-week, four day a week, program is designed for aspiring actors who are serious about a career in the industry. The varied, thorough curriculum offers theatre and film artists a testing ground to strengthen and broaden skills for post-secondary application and pursuit of professional opportunities.

About the Program

The program offers an insight into the rigour of full-time training as an actor. Students will train for 20 hours per week under the guidance of experienced industry professionals. The environment is fast-paced, challenging, and supportive.

Students will receive first-class comprehensive training in movement, voice, and acting; work on audition preparation; develop a broad range of acting techniques; and hone their instincts for performance.

  • Summer 2022
  • Open to ages 17-22
  • Based in Vancouver

The Curriculum

Acting 101: Explore a wide range of acting methods and build confidence and self-awareness both on and off stage. Learn how to prepare as an actor and tackle creative projects like developing character.

Scene Study: Put learning into practice with a scene partner and gain practical experience to maximize the benefit of the rehearsal process.

Acting for the Camera: Develop your on-camera technique to refine and define even the smallest moments. Hone your technique to become confident, engaging, and unmissable on screen.

Movement for the Actor: Get a better understanding of how your body moves and the link between movement and storytelling. Control your body, control the story.

Physical Theatre: An introductory look at physical theatre including mime and mask work to help connect your characters’ physical and inner-life on stage.

Guest artist workshops
: There are so many elements of performing arts to explore, and this is the place to discover them. Work with a new guest artist every week and discover the possibilities.

: Harness the mechanics of your voice with a qualified voice teacher. Emphasis will be placed on anatomy, breath and release work, vocal technique, and the connection between breath and body.

Audition masterclass: Analyze texts, make strong, consistent choices, sharpen your instincts, and get the most of auditions. At the end of the course, guest artists with be invited to host mock auditions and give feedback.

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