Variety, 2016
  • Variety, 2016
  • Lithograph, hand signed and embellished | 18x39x6 in | edition 50/50
  • Estimated value $20,000
  • Donated by the artist, courtesy of Brenda Bradshaw Fine Art

Born in Birmingham, England in October 1939, Patrick Hughes first exhibited his work at the Portal Gallery in 1961. A few years later, Hughes made two seminal reverse perspective works, Infinity and Sticking-out Room. In the 1970s the Hughes name became synonymous with rainbow paintings, which became popular as prints and as postcards. He has written and collated three books on the visual and verbal rhetoric of paradox and oxymoron, and has made a hundred editions of screenprints, and is making his way towards a hundred editions of multiples. His works are in collections across Europe and North America, including The British Library, the Tate Gallery, and the British Academy in London, the Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow, The Deutsche Bibliothek in Frankfurt, and the Denver Art Museum.